Monday, September 29, 2008

Chicago Grindcore

i was at a show at chucos justice center and this band came from chicago with another band named intifada. they were dope as fuck and played a sick set. intifada was really good but i think abrade was better. they both have the same guitar player and i dont really have much more to if you like grindcore


Here's Something Different

sorry about the picture, its the best one i got. i tried to find something on google but as you can see i came up empty:(, but anyways, on to the post! as it says this is something different, a psychobilly band. pretty cool stuff too, i think it starts off a little slow and boring, but after the first to songs its gets a lot better, its not my favorite but it has a tainted love cover i like a lot! i say definitely something to check out if you are into psycho/rockabilly.

Monday, September 22, 2008

First Porn/Goregrind Post!

as the title says, my first porn/goregrind post. on one side Paracoccidioidomicosisproctitissarcomucosis from mexico or as more commonly known, that one porngrind band with the really long name, and on the other butcher abc, a goregrind band from japan. i like the para.... side but i think that butcher abc does a better job. para...'s vocals can just get weird and annoying at a lot of the time while butcher abc keeps it all good until this thing is over with. i usually wont post the tracklist, but with porngrind, i just feel like it needs to be done:)
1. Intro: Practical Life Transfusion
2. Hipermaganesemia Neotormacion De Transplante Metastasis Viscoso
3. Into the Grave of the Infection and the Lust
4. Screams Clinially by Genitourinarims Orgasm
5. Promiscuidad Con Carne De Puta En Avanzado Estado De Descomposicion
6. Orgia De Ninfomanas Con Mi Semen
7. Viscose and Menstruating Putrid Vaginas
8. Sadomasochistic Zombies
9. Slowly Rot With Esclerosis Under Erupts of Endocrinology
10. Copulation Zoophiliacal With Genital Sifilitic
see what i mean!
and 11-35 are untitled but its all butcher abc.


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Kent Brockman

really dope power violence band with a ton of crustgrind influence. awesome band and you should definitely check them out. i also really dig their artwork.

Arctic Choke

Arctic Choke is a power violence band, and they are also ex-rhino charge. Pretty good demo, with some pretty sick breakdowns. They are able to throw a really dope show and know how to get the crowd moving, im in this video below:).
Arctic Choke Show @ 580 House Pasadena August 29th 2008


Magrudergrind/Sylvester Staline Split

Heres a really dope split between two power violence bands, Magrudergrind from the US, and Sylvester Staline from france. Sylvester Staline has a really cool sound and does a spazz cover, and Magrudergrind is always good and has a exploited cover. Overall this split is fast as fuck.

Magrudergrind's Myspace
Sylvester Staline

Monday, September 8, 2008

Fatal Squeal

3 piece Power Violence from the streets of Inglewood, amazing band and a personal favorite of mine. Very unique power violence with different but good vocals, and is always able to make me laugh with the intros they throw in, definitely something to check out! I've been able to see them twice, and they were really dope both times.