Friday, September 25, 2009

what a treat, TVT!

in the mood to post and ive been telling myself to post these guys again and agian so ima finally do it.

The Violent Threats, or better known as TVT is the best band to come out of Echo Park, if not LA. didnt really record to much stuff, but each recording is fuckin great in its own way and its some of the best shit i have EVER EVER heard, i listen to it at least three times a day, and its been that way for about 4 or 5 years, ever since i first kicked it with them and went to a show. they have to be the single most underrated band in LA and it brings a tear to my eye to see how this band died out, but they are/were to sick for this life. this bundle of tunes ranges from Grind to thrash to straight up punk rock, with tunes like "The Boots" and "SNAFU"(which are my favorites) it has to be some of the best shit ever released in the history of DIY punk music, no joke. DOWNLOAD this shit of you fuckin fail hard. trust me, you wont regret it.


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

2 Minuta Dreka/Carcass Grinder

Two bands which i love very much, i tend to lean more towards carcass grinder, but 2MD's side of takes the cake on this one. still one of, if not, the best splits i own, at least in my opinion. 2 Minuta Dreka does a "gangsta style remix" of cock and ball torture's "where girls learn to piss on command." it also have some amazing artwork, but im not gonna post because thats the point of buying the thing! all that i am gonna say is that its stolen from Shinichi Hiromoto's "Sex Machine."

oh, and the actual 7" sounds a lot better than these records, so go and buy it!


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Unreleased xBrainiax

the title says it all. since its unreleased i cant really find any pics of it so i just put some random one i like. picked up on it at the LA xbrainiax show, all the songs coming up on it are going to appear on the "DEPROGRAMMED LP." Not much to say, its xbrainiax so what can you expect! amazing...if your on this piece of shit blog and dont know xbrainiax then you need to be slapped in the face. other than the first song and the last song(which has a breakdown that is way tooooooo long,) its great.


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

day late

and a dollar short, fuck it. im pretty much gonna post a mega post for my laggage. first off...

SPOONFUL OF VICODIN's Bursts of Rage at the Speed of Hate

its sick as fuck, has a fear of god cover in it too. dont relaly know where to drop the pin, id say somewhere inbetween grind and power violence. it has 27 seven tracks:
1-13 are from the s/t 7"
14-18 are from the 4 way split with LOADED FOR BEAR, REPUBLICORPSE and DECEIVER comming soon.
19-22 are from the ROTCORE take comp comming soon.
23-27 is "random ass shit"


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IGWC recs. DIY Noise comp. part 1

its a comp with a lot of good bands from all over the world, check out the picture above. its two discs so its two downloads. This shit took me fuckin forever to upload so enjoy.

Download disc one
Download disc two

Victims of the Grind - Parkinson, Kerena Neko and Selfmadegod threeway split.

3 great bands from southeast asia...its just straight up noisy grindcore from begining to end, amazing cd. glad to have this one. it has some dope art work ill try to put up later. Kerena Nekos name is misspelled twice too haha, on the photo it isnt there but ill post up mine soon enough!


Apathetic Ronald McDonald's 2004-2008 Discography

as the title says, and what can you expect from ARM, its great. picked it up at their "last show". which aparently wasnt the real one. good thing.


Libido Airbag's Miss Melanoma

in my opinion no one has been able to match these guys, especially this cd in the cybergrind genre.


Genocide's We Rape The Sky, We Rape The Hell

dope cd, crust grind to the max.


Friday, August 7, 2009

my bad

once again ive been laggin, sorry about that. too much buds to smoke, beer to drink and fun this summer. i thought i lost all my cd's too but it turns out i got drunk and forget them in my girlfriends car, so in honor of you guys and gals that keep commin back ot this blog this monday ima have some sick shit posted, a whirlwind of southeast asian grind(which i fuckin LOVE), i promise you guys that. thanks for putting up with my laggage..much love<3


Saturday, June 13, 2009

Magrudergrind - S/T

One of my favorite bands is on tour right now and i just saw them twice here in LA and it was intense as fuck. check them out if they are commin to your town, check there space here. they are touring with unholy grave, it says phobia also but they dropped out.

(Click to make bigger)

i was able to get their new CD, which is really awesome. it sounds different from the older material, sorta like the stuff on the This Comp Kill Fascists Comp, and you may be wondering if its good, of course it is...its fuckin magrudergrind. download or you fail.


Friday, June 5, 2009

i nearly

shit myself when i saw this in the record bin. got it for 3 bucks too. couldnt find any pictures, but who cares. this band quattro stagioni was too sick for life. hands down one of the greatest and most underrated bands i have ever heard. with a great political background and blast beats that sound like the drummer hits the pookie, its a must. this band needed more fans.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

its been a cool minutes since

i updated this mo'fo. that is cause lack of time and my laziness = lack of posting, but ill start again. i got more music in the mean time! i posted about this one tape a while back because i was super stoked about it and i wanted to brag, but i found it on the net in a MP3 form so ima jack it from there to upload it here! i still bought the thing so i think i can do that! i have already hahaha.

the SFOV/CTTF split tape. this shit is gonna ripe your face off. its fast as fuck and just what you can expect from spoonful of vicodin and chainsaw to the face, nothing short of amazingness.
if you want more info on these bands go to my post "nothing to download but.." i dont know why the tracks dont make sense on the cttf side, but they dont, learn to deal with it...its still amazing.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

she lives!!!

AHHHAHAHAHAH!!!!!! i got some duct tape and taped that bitch up!!!!!!! muahahahaha she lives to blacken another lung!!! because im my super happiness im am going to post the to live a lie, three year sampler.

its a fuckin intense comp. that has allllll sorts of great great great stuff. with proletar, SMG, PLF, unholy grave, final draft, sakatat, magrudergrind, archagathus, xbrainiax, axrxmx and many many many others, you can imagine the brutalosity this cd will thrust right through your ear drums and cause brain damage. fuck you, download this.
download, oh and if you can go and support to live a lie, and buy it, its a astonishly cheap $1.50, or the budget addition my poor ass got, which is $0.50. but it and support!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

speaking of axrxmx, there is a fuckin awesome show going on tonight! go if you live in LA

fuck my bong!

it fuckin fell over...nothing hit it too, it just feel for some reason. fuck man.......ima miss it, i do already. to many good memories with that bong...this is a sad day in history.

anybody how would like to donate money so i can get a new one, click here!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

more grindcore

another grindcore CD that i got from my girlfriend and its really cool. its a three way split between hutt, noisear, and gate. three greats bands from all over the world. hutt is from brazil, and they really start it off...their really fast and really angry and thats what i like in grindcore so i like them a lot. noisear is from albuquerque in new mexico and are really good too and have a different sound then most grindcore, and its really dope. finally gate this split and is a two piece from japan, and they are really dope too. this split is awesome through and through. download it....or this thing will come and kill you while you are sleeping three weeks later, and feed you to the babies.


Saturday, January 31, 2009

alright mother fuckers

the posts are gonna be very often right now...but when march comes ima be able to get this uploading thingy so i can put all my records on this bitch!!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

fuck you in the face

is what this split did to me and sure as fuck will do to you too. its
archagathus and kerena neko and im so happy i finnally got my fat fingers on some kerena neko and this shit is fuckin intense. both bands are grindcore, or "mincecore" and both bands on this split kick ass. what the fuck is mincecore anyways? i heard from one place its grindcore that has socio-political lyrics/purpose but hasnt that been what grindcore is about since the start? but back on topic,
archagathus is from canada and kerena neko is from malaysia, both bands bring 7 sick as tracks and both bands will kick your ass. kerena neko is a great name by the way. it means cute kitten, how grind.

kerena neko


man did my show do a lot of that. fuck man it was gonna be so good but the people that gave us permission stabbed us in the back and said that we cant do it anymore, when everyone and the bands showed up, it was a fuckin GREAT turnout too. they said if we didnt get out they were gonna tell the feds down the street that we are trespassing. we already got permission from the cops too so it wasnt gonna get raided. there were cops down the street cause if you heard about that five year old that got shot/killed, it happened right down the street so cops stay posted in that neighborhood. at least three bands got to play:/

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

saturday saturday saturday!!!!!!!!!!!

this is my show, if you live in LA i suggest you go, because your fuckin lame as hell if you dont!!!!!!!!!

click on the pic to make it bigger!

Friday, January 9, 2009

happy new year

everyone. mine was pretty awesome.

the post

really good hardcore punk band from Jakarta, Indonesia. total confused is a fast hardcore punk band and its a female fronted band which is even better. lots of anger and emotion. good stuff. its something else i got from my friend from indo.

also, ima be throwing a show in echo park on the 24th. more info to come..
total confused

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

oh man

ima not post in a little bit cause im getting some big shipments of music in and in buying a thing so i can upload vinyl so i can share my vinyl collection too! patience everyone, lots of posts cummin very soon!