Monday, December 1, 2008

nothing to download but...

i got some serious bragging rights, because i got the spov(spoonful of vicodin)/ cttf(chainsaw to the face) split tape in the mail today! and it is amazing, i just finished listening to it for the 5492834958098209834584th time and i cant get enough, if only it wasnt a tape and was a CD. maybe one day if i figure out how to upload it into the computer i will! power violence and grind to the max! believe it or not, spov doesnt have a myspace, but you can contact them at or just go onto their website here. spov has a shirt avalible and a new 7" that just came out, hopefully they dont run out before i get a copy. cttf of course has a myspace and it can be found here here. they have a lot of stuff out there. hopefully both these bands come out to LA one day!

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