Monday, December 15, 2008

smokin' on some booberry kush

and done with homework and bored enough to post! ima post something that my girlfriend got me on the third day of latino fest.

now these arent my photos, but this is what the album looks like so ima just post that.

its a Lake Effect and Bizarre X split, and what a split it is. Lake Effect is brutal fast drum&bass power violence from tuscon arizona, and Bizarre X is from germany and bring some power violence-y grind. i like Lake Effect more but thats just me, Bizarre X is a awesome band too. download if you like fast music...i like their artwork too so ima post some of that...

Lake Effect's Myspace
Bizarre X's Myspace

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Anonymous said...

thanks for posting our record. it's cool to hear that people enjoy it! i never know who gets them or who's listening to them.