Thursday, December 11, 2008

havent posted....

in a while, my bad about that. my computer crashed so i am still getting it back together step by step. ill try to post something tomorrow or the next day. for now though; incase you live in LA, here are some really dope shows!
click to make them larger!

first off, tomorrow. pretty awesome show. LA grind! goner,too many screaming children, human hive, chimpanzee champions of death, and more!.
then the next day!

LACK OF FUCKIN INTEREST and bruce campbell
and then!!! the week after that!

and this last one, im only going for axrxm and flora really cause ive seen all the other bands and i dont really like them to much!

and thats only a piece of the pie for the shows this month/next month. the only thing is there are a lot of really good shows going on the same day but whatever, these are the ones i choose! fuck yeah. gotta love LA


Ryan said...

Im a fan of anyone who is a fan of In Digust.

How good are they live?

mike said...

haha i wouldnt know they cancelled three times in a row.