Monday, December 29, 2008


im bored enough to post so here goes, i just realized that my last post didnt have the download link so ima put that up now and im sorry for my stupidity. haha no wonder no one was downloading it!
but anyways, this cd is really good. i got it from a good friend of mine in jarkata with some other cds you will see on this blog sooner or later! its three bands, D-Compose, E.T.T.S, and his band Bangsat. D-Compose is a band ive been into since i was 13 and their part of the split is great. it has a dumb intro thats way to long but thats what you get some times, other wise theyre great. only two songs though which is a bummer, their pretty long though, well for grindcore at least. after them it is E.T.T.S. goregrind. thats all i have to say. nothing amazing, but its not bad. and last but definitely not least Bangsat. their part of the split is really really good. some of dat ol' school grind from indo that i cant get enough of. best part of this three way. download if you want a grindcore assault on the senses.

Bangsat's myspace
D-Compose's myspace
E.T.T.S's myspace
download bitch

Monday, December 15, 2008

smokin' on some booberry kush

and done with homework and bored enough to post! ima post something that my girlfriend got me on the third day of latino fest.

now these arent my photos, but this is what the album looks like so ima just post that.

its a Lake Effect and Bizarre X split, and what a split it is. Lake Effect is brutal fast drum&bass power violence from tuscon arizona, and Bizarre X is from germany and bring some power violence-y grind. i like Lake Effect more but thats just me, Bizarre X is a awesome band too. download if you like fast music...i like their artwork too so ima post some of that...

Lake Effect's Myspace
Bizarre X's Myspace

Thursday, December 11, 2008

havent posted....

in a while, my bad about that. my computer crashed so i am still getting it back together step by step. ill try to post something tomorrow or the next day. for now though; incase you live in LA, here are some really dope shows!
click to make them larger!

first off, tomorrow. pretty awesome show. LA grind! goner,too many screaming children, human hive, chimpanzee champions of death, and more!.
then the next day!

LACK OF FUCKIN INTEREST and bruce campbell
and then!!! the week after that!

and this last one, im only going for axrxm and flora really cause ive seen all the other bands and i dont really like them to much!

and thats only a piece of the pie for the shows this month/next month. the only thing is there are a lot of really good shows going on the same day but whatever, these are the ones i choose! fuck yeah. gotta love LA

Monday, December 1, 2008

nothing to download but...

i got some serious bragging rights, because i got the spov(spoonful of vicodin)/ cttf(chainsaw to the face) split tape in the mail today! and it is amazing, i just finished listening to it for the 5492834958098209834584th time and i cant get enough, if only it wasnt a tape and was a CD. maybe one day if i figure out how to upload it into the computer i will! power violence and grind to the max! believe it or not, spov doesnt have a myspace, but you can contact them at or just go onto their website here. spov has a shirt avalible and a new 7" that just came out, hopefully they dont run out before i get a copy. cttf of course has a myspace and it can be found here here. they have a lot of stuff out there. hopefully both these bands come out to LA one day!