Monday, December 29, 2008


im bored enough to post so here goes, i just realized that my last post didnt have the download link so ima put that up now and im sorry for my stupidity. haha no wonder no one was downloading it!
but anyways, this cd is really good. i got it from a good friend of mine in jarkata with some other cds you will see on this blog sooner or later! its three bands, D-Compose, E.T.T.S, and his band Bangsat. D-Compose is a band ive been into since i was 13 and their part of the split is great. it has a dumb intro thats way to long but thats what you get some times, other wise theyre great. only two songs though which is a bummer, their pretty long though, well for grindcore at least. after them it is E.T.T.S. goregrind. thats all i have to say. nothing amazing, but its not bad. and last but definitely not least Bangsat. their part of the split is really really good. some of dat ol' school grind from indo that i cant get enough of. best part of this three way. download if you want a grindcore assault on the senses.

Bangsat's myspace
D-Compose's myspace
E.T.T.S's myspace
download bitch

Monday, December 15, 2008

smokin' on some booberry kush

and done with homework and bored enough to post! ima post something that my girlfriend got me on the third day of latino fest.

now these arent my photos, but this is what the album looks like so ima just post that.

its a Lake Effect and Bizarre X split, and what a split it is. Lake Effect is brutal fast drum&bass power violence from tuscon arizona, and Bizarre X is from germany and bring some power violence-y grind. i like Lake Effect more but thats just me, Bizarre X is a awesome band too. download if you like fast music...i like their artwork too so ima post some of that...

Lake Effect's Myspace
Bizarre X's Myspace

Thursday, December 11, 2008

havent posted....

in a while, my bad about that. my computer crashed so i am still getting it back together step by step. ill try to post something tomorrow or the next day. for now though; incase you live in LA, here are some really dope shows!
click to make them larger!

first off, tomorrow. pretty awesome show. LA grind! goner,too many screaming children, human hive, chimpanzee champions of death, and more!.
then the next day!

LACK OF FUCKIN INTEREST and bruce campbell
and then!!! the week after that!

and this last one, im only going for axrxm and flora really cause ive seen all the other bands and i dont really like them to much!

and thats only a piece of the pie for the shows this month/next month. the only thing is there are a lot of really good shows going on the same day but whatever, these are the ones i choose! fuck yeah. gotta love LA

Monday, December 1, 2008

nothing to download but...

i got some serious bragging rights, because i got the spov(spoonful of vicodin)/ cttf(chainsaw to the face) split tape in the mail today! and it is amazing, i just finished listening to it for the 5492834958098209834584th time and i cant get enough, if only it wasnt a tape and was a CD. maybe one day if i figure out how to upload it into the computer i will! power violence and grind to the max! believe it or not, spov doesnt have a myspace, but you can contact them at or just go onto their website here. spov has a shirt avalible and a new 7" that just came out, hopefully they dont run out before i get a copy. cttf of course has a myspace and it can be found here here. they have a lot of stuff out there. hopefully both these bands come out to LA one day!

Friday, November 21, 2008

South Central Grindcore

amazing band from the streets of LA. ive been waiting forever to get this demo, but thats my fault cause ima lazy bastard haha. but about the demo, its awesome. its only 4 songs which is a bummer, but they are all dope as fuck. the recording isnt the greatest, but the music speaks for itself. download and listen for yourself, they play local shows in LA so check the space for flyers!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

the worlds greatest name

no worries, i dont have some dumb story for you to read, but this band, indeed has the greatest name ever, the poopy butts. fuckin epic. brutally fast thrashy power violence that fuckin kills! this download is both of their cd's which you can get on their myspace, 10,000 wipes and songs to clog your toilet to and with songs names like poop shower, revenge of the poop shower and addicted to fruit snacks you can imagine the intense feeling of musical genius i have felt and you will feel too when you listen to this music. i havent boughten either by them but since they let you download them for free i thought it doesnt really matter, anyways this shit is really awesome and something to check out so i figured due to how amazing these guys are it would be ok! im not 100% sure if they are still together but i think they are and i hope they come out one day, that would be awesome.

the poopy butts

Sunday, November 2, 2008

no on prop 8

went to the protest today. it was pretty fun, got to hold signs and chant little fraises(sp?) along with the crowd! if you havent noticed by now ima horrible speller, what i cant spell is corrected by the correcter thingy, and what is beyond the corrector thingys capability, is gonna end up being wrong haha, but about the protest! so im at the protest with my little brother and our friend felix! it was fuckin fun too, my friend andy was supposed to come by but i dont know what happened, but what we got to stand around and be mad haha. very political no? i think its dumb just stand around protesting, i mean no bombing of city hall, killing of cops/politicians, or even beating of yes on prop 8 people!(joke) which we saw a TON of by the way. it was pretty intense screaming at them. some guy came by in his car with his megaphone ranting yes on prop 8 and we got to get in his face and cuss him out. cop pulled us away though so i didnt get to shove that megaphone down his throat.(not joke) but all in all it was fun today! got a big ass equality for all poster in my room now:D we made our own signs which was cool too, cameron(little brother) made a fuck the cops one and people told us shit like a 509827345023740587203498 times but we didnt care. its freedom of speech, one of the leaders too asked him to put it away and we said no but we said if a cop gives us shit we'll put it away and she kissed him haha. as for a post! i got a amazing split by bastardass and all gone dead! both awesome bands. bastardass is power violence straight from the streets of South Central Los Angeles. since they are from the same place i am, ive have seen them, twice! both amazing sets. songs have great meanings too so when i dont have so much homework to do i will post the lyrics! overall however this band is amazing. all gone dead is good ol drum-and-bass power violence and kick fuckin ass, the singer is in a new band right now called send the dogs and i think the bass and drummer are in raze(i think), both amazing bands as well. but as for all gone dead they are dope as fuck and have a crossed out cover! this 7" is fast as fuck and in your face, download for sure. the art work i could only find the bastardass side, which really disappoints me because this art work is fuckin amazing, hands down one of the best things ive ever seen, if i ever get to i will scan it!

bastardass's myspace
all gone dead's myspace

Thursday, October 30, 2008


AHHH fuckin finally i got this 7". i saw them a while back but didnt get it cause i was drunk and fuckin stupid! i saw them with harms way and got one of theirs instead. still kickin myself for doing something that stupid but, i still got it now! at latino fest too. i saw that they had shirts and i looked and they had it. i only had two bucks and it was three, i asked the guy and he said no, cheap bastard! i noticed my friend however wanted a 7" i already had and it was three bucks so i told him ill give him the one i have for a buck and now i got the torture ep. yes! onto the record. its fuckin amazing. starts off with a intro that just sets the mood for the rest of it. this shit will make your blood boil with its fast as fuck anger, and then punch you in the face with their slow heavy breakdowns. 10 out of fuckin 10. apparently the singer says its not power violence but when you listen to it, it sure sounds like it. i also read somewhere that this 7" was a volume to express the anger of the little guy from bullied, and they transfered that anger onto the vinyl incredibly. hands down one of my favorite things to listen to ever, one of the records you can listen to again and again and never get tired of it. favorite songs would be necrolepsy and scared of naked men. ive also never heard die and fuck you so much. for example: "fuck you both, die right now, the weddings off, you are both dead." you hear die or dying or some shit like that at least a thousand times on this and how it is so simple yet so amazing. when they came to LA the bass player bought beer for us and it was cool talking to him, he said it was their first time eating at Tommy's that day and now they were all sick and had to take a shit. another release is commin in 09' and i cant wait for it or for them to come back again! awesome 7" download and be ready to have your teeth knocked out!


Tuesday, October 28, 2008


i just found out how to check if my shit has been getting downloaded or not, and it has! slowly but surely i have some hits haha. if you do come back for more though, be sure to leave a comment. if you like it, hate it, what you think of it. just drop a line so i know your out there!

3-Way Blogspot Knockout

3-Way Grindcore Knockout Round 2! fuckin awesome stuff. i still havent been able to give thie cd the time it deserves because i havent had time to put it on my iPod yet. although i havent listened to it as much as i want to. i still have listened to it, a couple times too! and its fuckin amazing. i have listened to it stoned and sober so i can see it from both side and its really dope to listen to all around. it opens up with hên, pronounced hern, from Singapore like a lot of the grindcore i love! fast as fuck downtunded as it gets old school grindcore that i cant get enough off. definitely the highlight of this cd. just opens it up with a heavy hard old school grindin knockout and delivers like this cd says it would! as for splitter they are a dope grind band from sweden with a big time thrash sound. reminds me of stuff like sayyadina, birdflesh and shit like that. maybe its just the european grindcore sound im not to sure haha. im more into the crusty grind but this is amazing as well. as for endless demise i havent gotten to listen to the end of this cd as much, but when i have heard it, it is fuckin dope. although they are from LA i havent had the luck to see them, yet. i cant wait though. these guys also have that old school grindcore sound and also have the members of nasuea(la), excruciating terror, and retaliate so you know these guys know what the fuck they are doing. blastwork records knew exactly what they were doing when they put this split together and its fuckin amazing. download for sure.

blastwork records's myspace
endless demise's myspace
hên's myspace
splitter's myspace
download, trust me, you want to

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Latino Fest

Latino is finally over, three days of fast, angry, spanish hardcore. the highlights of the first day were definitely hit me back. boom boom kid was interesting, i dont know what to think of it haha. outraged was really dope too. lack of interest didnt play, which was fuckin lame. the second day final draft was fuckin awesome. it sucked send the dogs didnt play but whatever. iconoclaust's vocalist flaked so it wasnt that good, i was never into them anyways. kontraattaque did a re-union for the show and that was good. bumbklaatt and control de estado were really dope too. on the second day i also picked up some music that im super happy about, a 3 way grindcore split and WN torture ep, which i have been looking for a long time and i will be posting up on here sometime. now on to the thrid day, most of the bands were dope, i missed liberate but ive seen them like 58723048509283742 times so im not to bummed about that. bosque and bruise violent were fuckin awesome! most of the band were really good, but im white and i cant remember/understand spanish names so im not really sure who they were:/. so about crom, despise you, and crudos. im sure you heard about what happened already but ima tell my part of it. apparently soom asshole stabbed someone out side so montebello decided to use our tax money to send the entire police force outside the show and to have a helicopter patrol the place. inside we were told and asked to sit down and be quite so it can seem like it wasnt a violent thing, but of course people have to be stupid and defy, so some people just stood. it was simple too but i guess they just didnt care to see crom, dxy, or crudos. the singer of liberate was the one telling the crowd what was up and props go to him because that is a hard thing to do. he tried but people are fuckin stupid sometimes. people were pissed and some wanted to start a riot which is fuckin stupid but proving how tough they are is what truly mattered to them. so martin crudos came up to the stage and told everyone he promises to play a free show yada yada if no one gets hurt. in conclusion, the show was ruined and we missed crom, dxy, and crudos because 15% of the crowd were to cool to cooperate. bullshit huh? i took photos with my girlfriends phone of the people but they are crappy but ima post them anyways! as for a post, um ill do one next time because im lazy and i dont want to right now.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


FUCK YEAH!!!! its starting tomorrow and im super excited. i mean what a amazing fuckin line up. all three days are amazing too, hit me back, lack of interest, venganza, sin orden, murge, for only the first day too! and then after that i have send the dogs, final draft, s.b.v. and iconoclaust a reuniting for the show! then to top it off despise you, crom, bruise violent, liberate, and to fuckin top all of it off LOS FUCKIN CRUDOS:D. and thats not even to mention all the other amazing bands playing too. i got my three day pass and couldnt be more excited. well for a post i would post venganza, but! i got really stoned with my friend yesterday and forgot the cd with him, i know, im that fuckin stupid. so instead of venganza, ill post a band from the city we stole the fest from!(hopefully one day we steal the Chicago Apocalyptic Crust Fest too) Intifada is fast as fuck hardcore, or also more commonly know as fastcore, from chicago. these are the guys that came down with abrade and tore shit up. download if you like fast as fuck hardcore thats gonna make you shit your pants!


Thursday, October 16, 2008


ok, before i go on about the cd, let me tell you about the night that i got it. well it started off like any other saturday, but there was a dope show commin up. it was vitamin x, lack of interest, hit me back and some other bands. so i was super excited. the thing about this show too is there were different bands saying different times; a couple said 5, some said 7. it would have been no problem to go to the show, but my moms car[yes my mom drives me to shows, i keep it gee like that:)]wasnt working. due to my moms car not working my friends mom would have driven us, but his mom never showed! so he calls his dad and his dad said he would take us, but my friend called and was like he wants to go and he drives so im like cool, ill just let them go with his dad and ill go with poly(friend). im waiting for poly, a hour passes, and by this time its like 8 so i dont know if it started at 5 or 7, but my brother calls and said it started at 8 so it was all good, but im wating another 30 minutes and i decided to call. he tells me poly left to go get some cash and never came back. i was like fuck man, what the fuck do i do now. so i try to take the bus, but i get there at like 10:30 and got to see some of vitamin x. which i was bummed that i didnt get to see LOI or HMB but ima see them on latino fest so its all good. i came late and didnt have to pay to get in so i decided with the 8 bucks to get a cd instead. i heard of this band and decided to check them out! now thanks for reading this for a minutes and now on with the post. this band is really dope. fast as fuck grindcore, with a hint of black metal. which i wouldnt like but i think they pull that shit off really well and i say definitely download this shit if you are into grindcore that will grab you by your balls.


Tuesday, October 14, 2008


hey! im not really sure if anyone is reading this blog, so if anyone is out there, a comment would be appreciated:)

Monday, September 29, 2008

Chicago Grindcore

i was at a show at chucos justice center and this band came from chicago with another band named intifada. they were dope as fuck and played a sick set. intifada was really good but i think abrade was better. they both have the same guitar player and i dont really have much more to if you like grindcore


Here's Something Different

sorry about the picture, its the best one i got. i tried to find something on google but as you can see i came up empty:(, but anyways, on to the post! as it says this is something different, a psychobilly band. pretty cool stuff too, i think it starts off a little slow and boring, but after the first to songs its gets a lot better, its not my favorite but it has a tainted love cover i like a lot! i say definitely something to check out if you are into psycho/rockabilly.

Monday, September 22, 2008

First Porn/Goregrind Post!

as the title says, my first porn/goregrind post. on one side Paracoccidioidomicosisproctitissarcomucosis from mexico or as more commonly known, that one porngrind band with the really long name, and on the other butcher abc, a goregrind band from japan. i like the para.... side but i think that butcher abc does a better job. para...'s vocals can just get weird and annoying at a lot of the time while butcher abc keeps it all good until this thing is over with. i usually wont post the tracklist, but with porngrind, i just feel like it needs to be done:)
1. Intro: Practical Life Transfusion
2. Hipermaganesemia Neotormacion De Transplante Metastasis Viscoso
3. Into the Grave of the Infection and the Lust
4. Screams Clinially by Genitourinarims Orgasm
5. Promiscuidad Con Carne De Puta En Avanzado Estado De Descomposicion
6. Orgia De Ninfomanas Con Mi Semen
7. Viscose and Menstruating Putrid Vaginas
8. Sadomasochistic Zombies
9. Slowly Rot With Esclerosis Under Erupts of Endocrinology
10. Copulation Zoophiliacal With Genital Sifilitic
see what i mean!
and 11-35 are untitled but its all butcher abc.


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Kent Brockman

really dope power violence band with a ton of crustgrind influence. awesome band and you should definitely check them out. i also really dig their artwork.

Arctic Choke

Arctic Choke is a power violence band, and they are also ex-rhino charge. Pretty good demo, with some pretty sick breakdowns. They are able to throw a really dope show and know how to get the crowd moving, im in this video below:).
Arctic Choke Show @ 580 House Pasadena August 29th 2008


Magrudergrind/Sylvester Staline Split

Heres a really dope split between two power violence bands, Magrudergrind from the US, and Sylvester Staline from france. Sylvester Staline has a really cool sound and does a spazz cover, and Magrudergrind is always good and has a exploited cover. Overall this split is fast as fuck.

Magrudergrind's Myspace
Sylvester Staline

Monday, September 8, 2008

Fatal Squeal

3 piece Power Violence from the streets of Inglewood, amazing band and a personal favorite of mine. Very unique power violence with different but good vocals, and is always able to make me laugh with the intros they throw in, definitely something to check out! I've been able to see them twice, and they were really dope both times.