Wednesday, October 22, 2008


FUCK YEAH!!!! its starting tomorrow and im super excited. i mean what a amazing fuckin line up. all three days are amazing too, hit me back, lack of interest, venganza, sin orden, murge, for only the first day too! and then after that i have send the dogs, final draft, s.b.v. and iconoclaust a reuniting for the show! then to top it off despise you, crom, bruise violent, liberate, and to fuckin top all of it off LOS FUCKIN CRUDOS:D. and thats not even to mention all the other amazing bands playing too. i got my three day pass and couldnt be more excited. well for a post i would post venganza, but! i got really stoned with my friend yesterday and forgot the cd with him, i know, im that fuckin stupid. so instead of venganza, ill post a band from the city we stole the fest from!(hopefully one day we steal the Chicago Apocalyptic Crust Fest too) Intifada is fast as fuck hardcore, or also more commonly know as fastcore, from chicago. these are the guys that came down with abrade and tore shit up. download if you like fast as fuck hardcore thats gonna make you shit your pants!


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