Sunday, October 26, 2008

Latino Fest

Latino is finally over, three days of fast, angry, spanish hardcore. the highlights of the first day were definitely hit me back. boom boom kid was interesting, i dont know what to think of it haha. outraged was really dope too. lack of interest didnt play, which was fuckin lame. the second day final draft was fuckin awesome. it sucked send the dogs didnt play but whatever. iconoclaust's vocalist flaked so it wasnt that good, i was never into them anyways. kontraattaque did a re-union for the show and that was good. bumbklaatt and control de estado were really dope too. on the second day i also picked up some music that im super happy about, a 3 way grindcore split and WN torture ep, which i have been looking for a long time and i will be posting up on here sometime. now on to the thrid day, most of the bands were dope, i missed liberate but ive seen them like 58723048509283742 times so im not to bummed about that. bosque and bruise violent were fuckin awesome! most of the band were really good, but im white and i cant remember/understand spanish names so im not really sure who they were:/. so about crom, despise you, and crudos. im sure you heard about what happened already but ima tell my part of it. apparently soom asshole stabbed someone out side so montebello decided to use our tax money to send the entire police force outside the show and to have a helicopter patrol the place. inside we were told and asked to sit down and be quite so it can seem like it wasnt a violent thing, but of course people have to be stupid and defy, so some people just stood. it was simple too but i guess they just didnt care to see crom, dxy, or crudos. the singer of liberate was the one telling the crowd what was up and props go to him because that is a hard thing to do. he tried but people are fuckin stupid sometimes. people were pissed and some wanted to start a riot which is fuckin stupid but proving how tough they are is what truly mattered to them. so martin crudos came up to the stage and told everyone he promises to play a free show yada yada if no one gets hurt. in conclusion, the show was ruined and we missed crom, dxy, and crudos because 15% of the crowd were to cool to cooperate. bullshit huh? i took photos with my girlfriends phone of the people but they are crappy but ima post them anyways! as for a post, um ill do one next time because im lazy and i dont want to right now.

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