Thursday, October 16, 2008


ok, before i go on about the cd, let me tell you about the night that i got it. well it started off like any other saturday, but there was a dope show commin up. it was vitamin x, lack of interest, hit me back and some other bands. so i was super excited. the thing about this show too is there were different bands saying different times; a couple said 5, some said 7. it would have been no problem to go to the show, but my moms car[yes my mom drives me to shows, i keep it gee like that:)]wasnt working. due to my moms car not working my friends mom would have driven us, but his mom never showed! so he calls his dad and his dad said he would take us, but my friend called and was like he wants to go and he drives so im like cool, ill just let them go with his dad and ill go with poly(friend). im waiting for poly, a hour passes, and by this time its like 8 so i dont know if it started at 5 or 7, but my brother calls and said it started at 8 so it was all good, but im wating another 30 minutes and i decided to call. he tells me poly left to go get some cash and never came back. i was like fuck man, what the fuck do i do now. so i try to take the bus, but i get there at like 10:30 and got to see some of vitamin x. which i was bummed that i didnt get to see LOI or HMB but ima see them on latino fest so its all good. i came late and didnt have to pay to get in so i decided with the 8 bucks to get a cd instead. i heard of this band and decided to check them out! now thanks for reading this for a minutes and now on with the post. this band is really dope. fast as fuck grindcore, with a hint of black metal. which i wouldnt like but i think they pull that shit off really well and i say definitely download this shit if you are into grindcore that will grab you by your balls.


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