Saturday, February 7, 2009

she lives!!!

AHHHAHAHAHAH!!!!!! i got some duct tape and taped that bitch up!!!!!!! muahahahaha she lives to blacken another lung!!! because im my super happiness im am going to post the to live a lie, three year sampler.

its a fuckin intense comp. that has allllll sorts of great great great stuff. with proletar, SMG, PLF, unholy grave, final draft, sakatat, magrudergrind, archagathus, xbrainiax, axrxmx and many many many others, you can imagine the brutalosity this cd will thrust right through your ear drums and cause brain damage. fuck you, download this.
download, oh and if you can go and support to live a lie, and buy it, its a astonishly cheap $1.50, or the budget addition my poor ass got, which is $0.50. but it and support!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

speaking of axrxmx, there is a fuckin awesome show going on tonight! go if you live in LA

fuck my bong!

it fuckin fell over...nothing hit it too, it just feel for some reason. fuck man.......ima miss it, i do already. to many good memories with that bong...this is a sad day in history.

anybody how would like to donate money so i can get a new one, click here!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

more grindcore

another grindcore CD that i got from my girlfriend and its really cool. its a three way split between hutt, noisear, and gate. three greats bands from all over the world. hutt is from brazil, and they really start it off...their really fast and really angry and thats what i like in grindcore so i like them a lot. noisear is from albuquerque in new mexico and are really good too and have a different sound then most grindcore, and its really dope. finally gate this split and is a two piece from japan, and they are really dope too. this split is awesome through and through. download it....or this thing will come and kill you while you are sleeping three weeks later, and feed you to the babies.