Tuesday, October 28, 2008

3-Way Blogspot Knockout

3-Way Grindcore Knockout Round 2! fuckin awesome stuff. i still havent been able to give thie cd the time it deserves because i havent had time to put it on my iPod yet. although i havent listened to it as much as i want to. i still have listened to it, a couple times too! and its fuckin amazing. i have listened to it stoned and sober so i can see it from both side and its really dope to listen to all around. it opens up with hên, pronounced hern, from Singapore like a lot of the grindcore i love! fast as fuck downtunded as it gets old school grindcore that i cant get enough off. definitely the highlight of this cd. just opens it up with a heavy hard old school grindin knockout and delivers like this cd says it would! as for splitter they are a dope grind band from sweden with a big time thrash sound. reminds me of stuff like sayyadina, birdflesh and shit like that. maybe its just the european grindcore sound im not to sure haha. im more into the crusty grind but this is amazing as well. as for endless demise i havent gotten to listen to the end of this cd as much, but when i have heard it, it is fuckin dope. although they are from LA i havent had the luck to see them, yet. i cant wait though. these guys also have that old school grindcore sound and also have the members of nasuea(la), excruciating terror, and retaliate so you know these guys know what the fuck they are doing. blastwork records knew exactly what they were doing when they put this split together and its fuckin amazing. download for sure.

blastwork records's myspace
endless demise's myspace
hên's myspace
splitter's myspace
download, trust me, you want to

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