Tuesday, November 4, 2008

the worlds greatest name

no worries, i dont have some dumb story for you to read, but this band, indeed has the greatest name ever, the poopy butts. fuckin epic. brutally fast thrashy power violence that fuckin kills! this download is both of their cd's which you can get on their myspace, 10,000 wipes and songs to clog your toilet to and with songs names like poop shower, revenge of the poop shower and addicted to fruit snacks you can imagine the intense feeling of musical genius i have felt and you will feel too when you listen to this music. i havent boughten either by them but since they let you download them for free i thought it doesnt really matter, anyways this shit is really awesome and something to check out so i figured due to how amazing these guys are it would be ok! im not 100% sure if they are still together but i think they are and i hope they come out one day, that would be awesome.

the poopy butts

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