Sunday, November 2, 2008

no on prop 8

went to the protest today. it was pretty fun, got to hold signs and chant little fraises(sp?) along with the crowd! if you havent noticed by now ima horrible speller, what i cant spell is corrected by the correcter thingy, and what is beyond the corrector thingys capability, is gonna end up being wrong haha, but about the protest! so im at the protest with my little brother and our friend felix! it was fuckin fun too, my friend andy was supposed to come by but i dont know what happened, but what we got to stand around and be mad haha. very political no? i think its dumb just stand around protesting, i mean no bombing of city hall, killing of cops/politicians, or even beating of yes on prop 8 people!(joke) which we saw a TON of by the way. it was pretty intense screaming at them. some guy came by in his car with his megaphone ranting yes on prop 8 and we got to get in his face and cuss him out. cop pulled us away though so i didnt get to shove that megaphone down his throat.(not joke) but all in all it was fun today! got a big ass equality for all poster in my room now:D we made our own signs which was cool too, cameron(little brother) made a fuck the cops one and people told us shit like a 509827345023740587203498 times but we didnt care. its freedom of speech, one of the leaders too asked him to put it away and we said no but we said if a cop gives us shit we'll put it away and she kissed him haha. as for a post! i got a amazing split by bastardass and all gone dead! both awesome bands. bastardass is power violence straight from the streets of South Central Los Angeles. since they are from the same place i am, ive have seen them, twice! both amazing sets. songs have great meanings too so when i dont have so much homework to do i will post the lyrics! overall however this band is amazing. all gone dead is good ol drum-and-bass power violence and kick fuckin ass, the singer is in a new band right now called send the dogs and i think the bass and drummer are in raze(i think), both amazing bands as well. but as for all gone dead they are dope as fuck and have a crossed out cover! this 7" is fast as fuck and in your face, download for sure. the art work i could only find the bastardass side, which really disappoints me because this art work is fuckin amazing, hands down one of the best things ive ever seen, if i ever get to i will scan it!

bastardass's myspace
all gone dead's myspace

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