Wednesday, January 28, 2009

fuck you in the face

is what this split did to me and sure as fuck will do to you too. its
archagathus and kerena neko and im so happy i finnally got my fat fingers on some kerena neko and this shit is fuckin intense. both bands are grindcore, or "mincecore" and both bands on this split kick ass. what the fuck is mincecore anyways? i heard from one place its grindcore that has socio-political lyrics/purpose but hasnt that been what grindcore is about since the start? but back on topic,
archagathus is from canada and kerena neko is from malaysia, both bands bring 7 sick as tracks and both bands will kick your ass. kerena neko is a great name by the way. it means cute kitten, how grind.

kerena neko

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lordkramdar said...

what's up man? nice blog, thanks for linking me up in your sidebar, and I have done the same.

keep fucking grinding!