Wednesday, March 11, 2009

its been a cool minutes since

i updated this mo'fo. that is cause lack of time and my laziness = lack of posting, but ill start again. i got more music in the mean time! i posted about this one tape a while back because i was super stoked about it and i wanted to brag, but i found it on the net in a MP3 form so ima jack it from there to upload it here! i still bought the thing so i think i can do that! i have already hahaha.

the SFOV/CTTF split tape. this shit is gonna ripe your face off. its fast as fuck and just what you can expect from spoonful of vicodin and chainsaw to the face, nothing short of amazingness.
if you want more info on these bands go to my post "nothing to download but.." i dont know why the tracks dont make sense on the cttf side, but they dont, learn to deal with it...its still amazing.