Saturday, June 13, 2009

Magrudergrind - S/T

One of my favorite bands is on tour right now and i just saw them twice here in LA and it was intense as fuck. check them out if they are commin to your town, check there space here. they are touring with unholy grave, it says phobia also but they dropped out.

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i was able to get their new CD, which is really awesome. it sounds different from the older material, sorta like the stuff on the This Comp Kill Fascists Comp, and you may be wondering if its good, of course it is...its fuckin magrudergrind. download or you fail.


Friday, June 5, 2009

i nearly

shit myself when i saw this in the record bin. got it for 3 bucks too. couldnt find any pictures, but who cares. this band quattro stagioni was too sick for life. hands down one of the greatest and most underrated bands i have ever heard. with a great political background and blast beats that sound like the drummer hits the pookie, its a must. this band needed more fans.